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Loom Bands – How to Make Bracelets

This post is about loom bands how to make bracelets. Loom bands have become a popular fashion accessory. They started as a playground trend and now they’re loved by everyone, from children to parents.

How to Make Bracelets - Loom Bands – How to Make Bracelets

What are loom bands?

Loom bands are multi-colored elastic bands that are used to make bracelets and necklaces. They come in packs of hundred or thousand, and you can buy them either single-colored or multi-colored. They also come with crochet hooks and clips to connect and weave the bands. You can also make a bracelet using just your hands, but the complex designs require using a loom. A loom is a plastic pegboard that is used to form bracelets from loom bands. You can make different patterns that can be as simple as a chain and as complex as a fishtail, dragon scale, hexa-fish, or a rainbow ladder. Loom bands are also known as rainbow looms.

How did they originate?

The loom bands were invented by a dad to impress his daughters who were fond of using elastic bands to make bracelets. The father also tried to use his fingers to make bracelets, but his fingers were too big. So he designed a loom to weave the bracelet. This loom became popular among people and now it’s the bestselling toy in the world. They are very cheap, so every parent can afford them.

More and more children are being attracted to this simple toy, which is hard to believe of the children born in this high-tech era. They are also loved by celebrities like Kate Middleton, Miley Cyrus, and David Beckham.

How to make bracelets?

If you have bought a rainbow loom, it is very easy to make a bracelet by watching YouTube videos. There are hundreds of tutorials present all over the internet. A few patterns are discussed below.

Single and squared pattern

This is the simplest design that you can try if you’ve just started to make bracelets. First, you’ll have to master how to make a single pattern and then go for the square pattern. Watch the tutorials on how to make it.

Single and double band fishtail

The double band fishtail is identical to the fishtail bracelet. The only difference is that you have to double the bands. If you have learned to make a fishtail, it will get easier for you to make all the other patterns.


Making a railroad is easy if you have learned to make a fishtail. Watch the video and make a beautiful railroad pattern.


If you are a beginner, it will take you some time to make this one as it is a complex pattern. The diamond pattern looks beautiful and once you learn how to make it, it will get easier to make other patterns.

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