How to make loom bands bead happy rings

Learn step by step how to make loom bands bead happy rings.These rings are very adaptable and are very easy to make.

For making loom bands bead happy ring project you’ll need:

  • 8 gold bands
  • 3 beads
  • 1 clip.

Setting up your loom to make loom bands bead happy ring!

Set up your loom in the STAGGERED configuration, making sure the arrow is facing away from you’l then place the bands in the order shown in the diagram. Before placing bands 2, 4 and 6, thread each one of them through a bead.

bead happy_1

Step 1:

Turn your loom so the arrow is facing towards you. You’re going to be looping the bands in reverse order to how they were placed starting inside gold band 8, push it back, catch the bottom band and loop it forward.

loom bands bead happy ring step 1

Step 2:

Put your hook inside the peg you just looped to, catch the bottom gold band and loop toward, too, but do so carefully as this band has a bead on it.loom bands  bead happy ring step 2


Step 3:

Keep hooking and looping the remaining five gold bands in the same way, remembering to be careful on the beaded bands.

loom bands bead happy ring step 3

Step 4:

Now, slide both ends of the last band onto your hook and attach them together with a clip. Then, pull the rest of the bands off the loom.

Step 5:

To finish, slide the gold band from the other end of the chain into the clip as well.