How To Make Chevron loom bands bracelets

For this project you’ll need:

Roughly (depending on your wrist size)

20 pink bands

20 white bands

20 blue bands

1 clip

Setting up your loom

Set up your loom in the STAGGERED configuration, making sure the arrow is facing away from you, then place the bands in the order shown in the diagram. Note that the first one is twisted into a figure of eight before placing.

New Doc 3_1

Step 1:

Turn your loom so the arrow is facing towards you. With this design you’re going to be adding more bands as you go and, unusually, hooking the bands from outside of the pegs. So, hook the bottom pink-band on the left-hand side, pull it out, around the outside and over the left-hand peg.

chevron abn_1

Step 2:

Now, hook the bottom pink band on the right-hand side, pull it our, around the outside and over the right-hand peg.

chevron abn_2

Step 3:

Push the bands down the pegs, then stretch a new pink band over the top of the two pegs.

chevron abn_3

Step 4:

Now, hook the bottom white band on the left-hand side, pull it out, around the outside and over the left-hand peg. Repeat on the right-hand side, so that it’s suspended on the other bands.
chevron abn_4

Step 5:

Repeat steps 3-4 with all of your remaining bands, making sure you always hook the bottom band from outside the other bands. Note that the colour of the band that will be placed next will be the same colour as the band you just looped.

chevron abn_5

Step 6:

When you’ve used all your bands, hook and loop the bottom band over the peg as you normally would, leaving just one band stretched between the pegs.

chevron abn_6

Step 7:

Now, one at a time, slide the band ends off their peg and onto your hook.

chevron abn_7

Step 8:

Attach the band ends together using a clip, then stretch the other end of the chain into the clip as well.