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Ending the Ambiguity of How to Make Loom Bands on Loom

When you purchase your first loom band, you might be confused about how to make loom bands on loom all by yourself. Despite their bright and colorful appearance, these bracelets can be quite tricky to create, especially if you are new to the task. However, once you catch on to the basic tricks about how to make one, the process is relatively simple.

How to Make Loom Bands on Loom - Ending the Ambiguity of How to Make Loom Bands on Loom

How to make loom bands on loom

Their simple method of creation is perhaps one of the many reasons these loom bands have become a favorite accessory amongst children all over the world. This article will provide you with all the information you need to get started on building your own customized loom bands.

There are many designs and patterns you can choose when you are making a loom band. For example, there is the fishtail design, double inverted starfish design and much more. Some of these are more advanced than the others, so it might take some practice before you can excel at them. We recommend that you start from level one aka your basic single loom band design. From there on, you can either use your imagination to come up with designs of your own or look up different ones online and mimic them.

The first thing you will need is to get your hands on your own loom band kit. The kit will come with clips, hooks, loom machine, elastic rubber bands and pick tools. Set up your loom machine, making sure that the pegs are facing upwards and the arrows downwards. Select a band of your preference and place it diagonally on the first peg in the middle. Your second band will also be inserted diagonally from the first. The second band will be placed on the peg where the first one ends.

Keep repeating this process until you have bands placed in a zigzag pattern all over the loom. Remember they should always be diagonal to each other. You then need to turn the loom upside down so that the arrows face upwards and the pegs downwards. Now you can start interweaving your bands using your hands. The hooks on the pegs will help you in the weaving process.

After you are done, insert a hook on the last band and take off the bands from the loom. Insert a C-clip at the end, connecting the bracelet together. The end result is your basic loom band bracelet

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