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Cuttlebug vs Cricut Explore

When Cricut launched the Cuttlebug (associate hyperlink) in the similar mint inexperienced as my Discover Air 2, I knew I needed to have one – principally as a result of it could glance nice on my table subsequent to the Cricut Discover.  However as I started to paintings with this little system, I noticed it has functions that every now and then make it preferable to the use of my Discover. 

Cuttlebug vs Cricut Discover:
How They Examine and Why You Want Each

cuttlebug vs cricut explore - Cuttlebug vs Cricut Explore

How broad can my fabrics be?
Cuttlebug – as much as 6 inches, Cricut Discover – as much as 11.five inches.

What can I lower?
With each machines, you’ll lower a number of fabrics from skinny foam to chipboard.  The one distinction is the Cuttlebug is restricted to subject material 1/eight″ extensive, whilst the Cricut Discover can lower deeper the use of the deep lower blade.

1507909143 415 cuttlebug vs cricut explore - Cuttlebug vs Cricut Explore

Can I am getting matching machines?
The Cuttlebug is is made to check all 4 Discover Air 2 colours (mint, blue, red, and gold) however best the mint inexperienced is recently to be had at the Cricut web site.

Does the Cuttlebug do anything else that the Cricut Discover doesn’t?
Sure, probably the most major advantages of the use of the Cuttlebug is that it embosses, which the Discover line does no longer do. Additionally, it does no longer require a pc or web connection of any type, and does no longer even get plugged in, which makes it without equal transportable crafting instrument.

How does the Cuttlebug paintings?
The Cuttlebug makes use of an embossing folder (to emboss) or a die lower (to chop).  It’s then sandwiched between two mats, and rolled during the system by means of the use of the crank.  When it comes during the different aspect, your subject material is both lower or embossed – or each!

1507909143 746 cuttlebug vs cricut explore - Cuttlebug vs Cricut Explore

How a lot is the Cuttlebug?
As of the date of newsletter, the Cuttlebug was once $89.99 on it’s personal, or $279.99 in a package deal with an identical Discover Air 2, to be had for order at the Cricut web site.

If I’ve a Cricut Discover, why would I desire a Cuttlebug?
As discussed above, the Cuttlebug does have the additional benefit of being simply transported, no longer requiring energy, device, or pc connections of any kind, and has the power to emboss.  However in some scenarios, I choose to make use of my Cuttlebug, although I’m simply chopping. 

1507909143 715 cuttlebug vs cricut explore - Cuttlebug vs Cricut Explore

For example, after I wish to create confetti.  I completely love that my Cricut Discover can lower teensy, tiny gadgets. Its superb.  However have you learnt whats no longer superb?  Scraping them off the mat with out (A) destroying them and/or (B) dropping my marbles. The Cuttlebug doesn’t use sticky mats (they hang in combination by means of drive from the crank, or by means of the use of the magnetic mat) so while you lower, there’s not anything to scrape off your mat. The confetti simply falls off, and you’ll run it via once more.


I additionally love the use of it to make issues briefly – like bows for the highest of items.  If I used to be wrapping a final minute present, and sought after a bow, I’d have two choices.   One, I may get my computer, activate Design House, design my bow, and lower it (general time about 7-10 mins, relying on how sluggish my web is being that day), or two, I may snatch a scrap of cardstock, sandwich it between the mats, and roll it during the Cuttlebug (general time: 2 mins tops).  So you’ll undoubtedly see the good thing about the use of the Cuttlebug in that state of affairs.  Now if I used to be making twenty bows, let’s simply say that’s the very best state of affairs for the Discover.

1507909144 656 cuttlebug vs cricut explore - Cuttlebug vs Cricut Explore

So, which is best?
Nor is higher.  It’s like evaluating apples to oranges.  If you’ll best have one, I’d say snatch the Discover Air 2, because it has far more functions after all.  But when you’ll get each, the Cuttlebug in point of fact rounds out the Discover and fills in the ones tiny gaps that you would be able to no longer have even spotted have been there till you get started the use of it.  Call to mind them as a workforce – the Cuttlebug would undoubtedly be the Supporting Actor however that doesn’t make it’s efficiency any much less impressive!

Let me know what you assume – have you ever attempted the Cuttlebug but?  What did you recall to mind it’s functions?  And what’s your favourite manner to make use of it? Should you’re taking a look to snatch one for your self, you’ll in finding them right here.

It is a backed dialog written by means of me on behalf of Cricut. The reviews and textual content are all mine.


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